Field trips

The following two post-symposium fieldtrips are scheduled. If you wish to participate, feel free to book one or both of them!

Note that both fieldtrips have a limited capacity. Therefore, before to register, please ask the organizer for availability.

Field trip #1 (September 4, 2010)

Please note that Field trip #1 is full. We will not accept any other participants. For technical constraints of our website, it is still possible to book for this field trip when registering. Please avoid doing that. We would have to refuse your participation, even if you have paid.

A day in Burgundy, including Jurassic outcrops and possibly a visit to the Museum of Semur-en-Auxois (stratotypic town for the Sinemurian, Lower Jurassic).

Visited outcrops (these may change): Coupe du Chemin de Fer near Semur-en-Auxois (Sinemurian Stratotype, Lower Jurassic), Mavilly-Mandelot (Sinemurian, Lower Jurassic) & Pouillenay quarry (Bajocian, Middle Jurassic).

Cost: 50 euros, that cover the guidebook, transportation and picnic lunch.

Maximum capacity: 24 persons

Field trip #2 (September 5-8, 2010)

Four days in Jurassic and Cretaceous outcrops in Lyon and Digne-les-Bains areas.

The fieldtrip will tour some of the most famous ammonoid-bearing outcrops in France. The first day will be devoted to the "Lafarge - Belmont" quarry, near Lyon (200 km South of Dijon), and where everyone will find ammonoids and associated faunas (especially belemnites, bivalves, gastropods and maybe some shark or marine reptile remains) from the Toarcian and the Aalenian stages (Lower and Middle Jurassic). Then we will reach Digne les Bains (320 km South of Lyon). During the next three days, we shall visit some of the famous Jurassic and Cretaceous outcrops inside the reserve geologique de Haute-Provence, one of the 35 European Geoparks. This will also comprise the famous dalles ammonites from the Sinemurian stage (Lower Jurassic, no hammer for this last outcrop as it is a protected area!). A visit to the Museum of the reserve geologique de Haute-Provence will be organized.

Cost: 400 euros, that cover guidebook, transportation, picnic lunches, and lodging for the entire trip. We will be back at Dijon September 8 at night (accommodation for this night not included).

Maximum capacity: 24 persons

Cancellation policy

(1) Concerning fieldtrips, no refund will be made for cancellations received after May 1, 2010.
(2) All refunds will be paid after the end of the symposium.

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