séminaire du pôle évolution du vivant - vendredi 7 mars

{mosimage}Mitochondrial mysteries: RNA editing and other enigmas in plant evolution

Volker Knoop, département d’évolution moléculaire, IZMB, université de Bonn, Allemagne

Vendredi 7 mars à 11h, amphi Monge, bâtiment Gabriel 


Plant mitochondrial DNA is highly conserved in exon and intron sequences but not with respect to mitochondrial genome content or gene arrangements due to ongoing recombination and gene transfer to the nucleus.
The gain and loss of introns and the rise of trans-splicing contribute information on plant evolution now resulting in clear ideas on the phylogeny of the earliest land plant clades.
The peculiar phenomenon of pyrimidine-exchange RNA editing or the recently discovered degeneration and long-time survival of a mitochondrial nad7 pseudogene among liverworts on the other hand so far remain puzzling and enigmatic.
Most recent insights on mitochondrial DNA evolution after the origin of land plants some 500 million years ago and speculations on possible protein co-factors involved in RNA editing will be summarized.