Colloque Buffon 2007

The Buffon legacy: natural history in the 21st century 

Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon was most responsible for the rise of world-wide interest in natural history. To celebrate the 300th anniversary of his birth, on 7th September 1707, the université de Bourgogne is pleased to organize a major international scientific event, “The Buffon legacy: natural history in the 21st century”, to be held in Dijon from 3rd to 6th September 2007.


The aim is to bring together researchers and other interested parties to discuss the fate of natural history in modern biology. The conference will feature three and a half days of sessions on contributed talks, plus a poster session, visit to the Buffon Museum, social events and banquet. Each day will start with a plenary keynote lecture, followed by parallel symposia. Papers will cover topics such as behavioural ecology, biogeography, life-history strategies, and biodiversity in animals and plants.

Invited speakers include: Tim Birkhead (Sheffield, UK), Douglas Futuyma (Stony Brook, USA), Pierre-Henri Gouyon (Paris, France), Pierre Joly (Lyon, France) Geoff Parker (Liverpool, UK)