people in the lab

  • Nearly all email addresses use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for exemple, Emmanuel Fara's email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • All phone numbers start with + 33 3 80 39 xx xx.


name team email tel.
Paul ALIBERT BioME paul.alibert 63 45
Philippe AMIOTTE SUCHET SEDS philippe.amiotte-suchet 39 71
Marie Charlotte ANSTETT Eco/Evo marie-charlotte.anstett 62 44
Aude BALOURDET Éco/Évo aude.balourdet[@] 91 98
Laetitia BASSEREAU-VAUTHIER   laetitia.bassereau 63 83
Alexandre BAUER Éco/Évo alexandre.bauer 39 46
Margot BERNARDI BioME margot.bernardi 63 71
Benjamin BOIS CRC benjamin.bois 38 21
Cédric BOUGEAULT SEDS cedric.bougeault 63 71
Arnaud BRAYARD BioME arnaud.brayard 36 95
François BRETAGNOLLE Éco/Évo francois.bretagnolle  
Ludovic BRUNEAU SEDS ludovic.bruneau 63 78
Irina BUNDELEVA BioME irina.bundeleva 63 69
Jean-François BUONCRISTIANI SEDS jean-francois.buoncristiani 63 51
Pierre CAMBERLIN CRC pierre.camberlin 38 21
Gwenael CARAVACA SEDS gwenael.caravaca 62 54
Thierry CASTEL CRC thierry.castel 38 23
Edwijis CASTRO-MERCADER   edwijis.castro-mercader 37 29
Frank CÉZILLY Éco/Évo frank.cezilly 90 29
Dominique CHAMPAGNAC   dominique.champagnac 63 75
Élise CHENOT SEDS elide.chenot 63 06
Manon CHOGNE Éco/Évo manon.chogne 63 84
Théophile COCQUEREZ SEDS theophile.cocquerez 63 77
Claudine COHEN BioME    
Pierre-Yves COLLIN SEDS pierre-yves.collin 63 82
Sébastien COUETTE BioME sebastien.couette 64 48
Estelle COURADEAU SEDS estelle.couradeau 35 78
Bruno DAVID BioME bruno.david 63 71
Nelly DEBROSSE Éco/Évo nelly.debrosse  
FX DECHAUME-MONCHARMONT Éco/Évo fx.dechaume 90 31
Jean-François DECONINCK SEDS jean-francois.deconinck 63 31
Jérémy DEROIRE BioME jeremy.deroire 37 69
Julien DHINAUT Éco/Évo julien.dhinaut  
Hervé DINEUR BioME    
Christophe DURLET SEDS christophe.durlet 39 73
Florence EUVRARD   florence.euvrard  
Claire FABRE   claire.fabre 63 56
Salomé FABRI-RUIZ BioME salome.fabri-ruiz 63 71
Bruno FAIVRE BioME bruno.faivre 62 06
Emmanuel FARA BioME emmanuel.fara 39 70
Alice FAVRE CRC alice.favre 38 22
Alain FESTEAU   alain.festeau 63 53
Nicolas FRESLON SEDS nicolas.freslon 63 71
Stéphane GARNIER BioME stephane.garnier 90 58
Olivier GILG Éco/Évo    
Michel GUIRAUD SEDS michel.guiraud 63 74
Corentin ILTIS Éco/Évo corentin.iltis  
Miguel Iniesto BioME miguel.iniesto  
Romain JATTIOT BioME    
Charly JEHAN Éco/Évo charly.jehan 91 58
Aurélie KHIMOUN BioME aurelie.khimoun[at] 62 28
Rémi LAFFONT BioME remi.laffont 63 73
Chloé LAUBU Eco/Evo chloe.laubu  
Bernard LAURIN BioME bernard.laurin 63 76
Jean LÉVÊQUE SEDS jean.leveque 63 63
Philippe LOUÂPRE Eco/Evo philippe.louapre 62 27
Frédéric MARIN BioME frederic.marin 63 72
Nadège MARTINY CRC nadege.martiny 38 21
Olivier MATHIEU SEDS olivier.mathieu 91 26
Pierre Philippe MBEHANG NGUEMA éco évo mbehangphilippe[AT]  
Sébastien MERLET CRC sebastien.merlet 38 23
Sophie MONTUIRE BioME sophie.montuire 63 47
Jean-David MOREAU BioME   63 80
Jérôme MOREAU Éco/Évo jerome.moreau 63 34
Yannick MORET Éco/Évo yannick.moret 90 24
Aurélie MOTHET SEDS aurelie.mothet[AT] 63 64
Sébastien MOTREUIL Éco/Évo sebastien.motreuil 91 98
Nicolas NAVARRO BioME nicolas.navarro 64 48
Pascal NEIGE BioME pascal.neige 63 57
Anthony OLLIVIER Éco/Évo anthony.olivier 62 28
Boutheina OUESLATI CRC boutheina.oueslati 38 22
Basile PAUTHIER CRC basile.pauthier  
Pierre PELLENARD SEDS pierre.pellenard 63 66
Julien PERGAUD CRC julien.pergaud  
Paul PERRON SEDS paul.perron 63 62
Marie-Jeanne PERROT-MINNOT Éco/Évo marie-jeanne.perrot 63 40
Nathalie PHILIPPON CRC nathalie.philippon 38 21
Benjamin PIERRAT BioME benjamin.pierrat 37 69
Benjamin POHL CRC 38 21
Emmanuelle PUCÉAT SEDS emmanuelle.puceat 63 81
Didier QUESNE SEDS didier.quesne 63 55
Adrien QUILES Éco/Évo adrien.quiles 91 58
Corinne QUINTAR   corinne.quintar 57 38
Florian RAYMOND CRC florian.raymond  
Mario REGA CRC mario.rega  
Yves RICHARD CRC yves.richard 38 22
Thierry RIGAUD Éco/Évo thierry.rigaud 39 45
Adeline ROCHE SEDS adeline.roche 63 71
Jean-Emmanuel ROLLIN BioME jean-emmanuel.rollin 63 69
Pascal ROUCOU CRC pascal.roucou 38 23
Jessica SAÏAG SEDS saiag.jessica 63 06
Isabelle SANTACROCE   isabelle.santacroce 63 76
Anne-Lise SANTONI SEDS anne-lise.santoni 63 78
Thomas SAUCÈDE BioME thomas.saucede 63 79
Cécile SCHWEITZER Éco/Évo cecile.schweitzer 91 96
Gabriele SORCI BioME gabriele.sorci 90 28
Harmonie STAEBLER BioME harmonie.staebler 37 69
Émilie STEIMETZ BioME emilie.steimetz 63 77
Pascal TAUBATY SEDS pascal.taubaty 63 65
Maria TEIXEIRA BRANDAO Éco/Évo maria.teixeira 63 84
Mathieu THEVENOT SEDS mathieu.thevenot 90 14
Jérôme THOMAS BioME jerome.thomas 63 73
Christophe THOMAZO SEDS christophe.thomazo 35 78
Albin ULLMANN CRC albin.ullmann 38 22
Ceferino VARÓN GONZÁLEZ BioME Ceferino.Varon-Gonzalez 63 47
Emmanuelle VENNIN SEDS emmanuelle.vennin 63 62
Nicole VITALE   nicole.vitale 91 75
Pauline VUARIN BioME pvuarin[AT]  
Rémi WATTIER Éco/Évo remi.wattier 62 41
Josej WILCZEK Biome josef.wilczek  
Sébastien ZITO CRC sebastien.zito 57 39


last update: june 2017

they used to be here

The FED team was the former BioME team

name last position group period where did they go?
Dean Adams invited prof. BioME 2015-2016 back to EEOBS, Iowa State University
Mouhamad Al-Sayed-Ali engineer CRC 2012-2014  
Francis Amédro collaborator SEDS xxxx–2012  
Émilie Arnoux engineer BioME 2005-2015  
Aurélie Babin postdoctoral research fellow ECO/EVO 2012–2014  
Karolina Bacela postdoctoral research fellow ECO/EVO 2007–2009 adjunct, university of Lodz
Juliette Bailly PhD student BioME 2011–2015  
Virginia Belloni postdoctoral research fellow ECO/EVO 2008–2009  
Didier Bert collaborator FED xxxx–2012  
Anne Besson postdoctoral research fellow ECO/EVO 2010–2012 Otago University, NZ
Jean-Sébastien Bolduc postdoctoral research fellow ECO/EVO 2006–2010 LBBE, Lyon, FR
Loïc Bollache professor Eco/Evo 2002–2013 INRA, Dijon, FR
Aurélie Bonin research assistant SEDS 2007–2012 université de Rennes 1, FR
Alain Bonnot collaborator FED xxxx–2012  
Ivan Bour postdoctoral research fellow SEDS 2012–2013  
Raphael Bourillot PhD student SEDS 2006–2009 lecturer institut EGID, Bordeaux? FR
Joseph Boyard-Micheau PhD student CRC 2010–2013  
Jérôme Brenot PhD student SEDS 2005–2007 research assistant Orsay univ., FR
Benjamin Brigaud PhD student SEDS 2006–2009 lecturer, université Paris sud 11, FR
Luca Brillante PhD student CRC 2012-2014  
Patrick Brunet-Lecomte collaborator FED xxxx–2012  
Amelia Caffara postdoc CRC 2012–2013  
Ivan Calandra postdoc BioME 2011–2012  
Élise Cellier-Holzem PhD student ECO/EVO 2007–2010  
Sylvain Clerc PhD student SEDS 2009–2012  
Anne Combaud PhD student SEDS 2003–2007 research assistant Reims, FR
Stéphane Cornet PhD student ECO/EVO 2006–2009 post doct. Montpellier, FR
Julien Cote research assistant ECO/EVO 2006–2007 UC Davis
Cédric Cuccia PhD student CRC 2012–2013  
Julien crétat postdoc CRC 2012–2014  
Michèle Dalby engineering assistant CRC 2012–2015  
Morgan David PhD student ECO/EVO 2007–2011 post doct. University of Exeter
Evelyne Debierre tech uB   1980–2014 retired
Colin De Bruyn PhD student ECO/EVO 2006–2010  
Benjamin De Lapparent engineer CRC 2014  
Marion de Latude PhD student ECO/EVO 2007–2009  
Michael Denis PhD student SEDS 2004–2007 Total, France
Guillaume Dera PhD student FED 2006–2010 université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, FR
Adrien Deroubaix PhD student CRC 2010–2013  
Matthieu Deville de Periere PhD student SEDS 2007–2011  
Lucile Dianne PhD student   2009–2012 conseil régional de Bourgogne, Dijon, FR
Sylvie Dousset professor SEDS 2007–2008 prof. univ. Nancy I, FR
Christine Dubreuil engineering assistant Eco/Evo 2009–2012  
Aurore Dubuffet postdoctoral research fellow Eco/Evo 2011–2013 lecturer, Clermont Ferrand, FR
Gunther Eble researcher BioME 2003–2014  
Cyril Eraud PhD student ECO/EVO 2005–2007 ONCFS, Chizé, FR
Rodrigo Esparza-Salas postdoctoral research fellow ECO/EVO 2007–2008  
Corinne Fesneau PhD student SEDS 2004–2008 research assistant Nancy, FR
Sébastien Ficheux PhD student Eco/Evo 2010–2013  
Pierre-Yves Filleaudeau postdoctoral research fellow SEDS 2011–2012 Beicip-Franlab, Rueil-Malmaison, FR
Cyril Firmat PhD student FED 2008–2011  
Bernard Fontaine researcher CRC 2012–2014  
Dominique Fortwengler collaborator SEDS xxxx–2012  
Christiane Fourcault tech CNRS   1971–2007 retired
Nathalie Franceschi PhD student ECO/EVO 2005–2009  
Matthias Galipaud PhD student ECO/EVO 2009–2012 postdoc univ. Bielefeld, D
Georges Gand collaborator FED xxxx–2012  
Marie-Claire Geoffroy administrative assistant   19xx–2009 retired
Julia Geraci PhD student ECO/EVO 2008–2012  
Sylvain Gerber research assistant FED 2004–2008 Chicago
Olivier Gilg collaborator Eco/Evo 2010–2012  
Mark Gillingham postdoctoral research fellow Eco/Evo 2010–2012 postdoctoral research fellow, Berlin
Alain Godon engineering assistant   19XX–2012 retired
Anne-Sabine Grosjean postdoc SEDS 2015–2016 postdoc université jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne
Romain Guerreiro PhD student Eco/Evo 2008–2012  
Nathalie Guichard tech CNRS BioME 2000–2014 laboratoire Subatech Nantes, FR
Julien Guigue PhD student SEDS 2010–2014  
Emmanuel Guivier postdoctoral research fellow BioME 2012-2014 postdoc UMR 866 lipides, nutrition, cancer
Denis Güvenatam design engineer ECO/EVO 2011–2012  
Clotilde Hardy PhD student FED 2009–2012  
Vincent Heterier PhD student FED 2004–2007  
Quentin Jossart PhD student ECO/EVO 2011-2014 postdoc ULB, Belgium
Nicolas Kaldonski research assistant ECO/EVO 2003–2008 lecturer, université d'Aix-Marseille, FR
Florent Kempf research assistant ECO/EVO 2011  
Sophie Labaude PhD student Eco/Evo 2013–2016  
Gaelle Labonne PhD student BioME 2010–2014  
Clément Lagrue postdoctoral research fellow Eco/Evo 2010–2012 Otago University, NZ
Sébastien Laratte PhD student SEDS 2005–2009  
Stephen Larcombe post doc. Eco/Evo 2009  
Nathalie Le Roy PhD student FED 2007–2011  
Cédric Lippens PhD student BioME 2013–2016  
Gilles Luquet lecturer FED 2007–2012 professor MNHN, Paris
Clémence Macron PhD student CRC 2012–2014  
Benjamin Marie postdoctoral research fellow FED 2004–2011 MNHN, Paris
Mathieu Martinez research assistant SEDS 2009–2013 postdoc MARUM lab, Bremen, D
Vincent Médoc research assistant Eco/Evo 2008–2010 université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Karine Monceau postdoctoral research fellow Eco/Evo 2013–2015 lecturer, université de La Rochelle, FR
Mathieu Moiroud PhD student SEDS 2012–2014  
Paul-Arthur Monerie PhD student CRC 2012–2013  
Prabakaran Narayanappa PhD student FED 2009–2011  
Élise Nardin PhD student FED 2003–2007 research assistant Rennes, FR
Sandra Nussbaum design engineer Eco/Evo 2012  
Vincent Ollive PhD student SEDS 2004–2007 research assistant Lyon 1, FR
Jocelyne Pérard professor CRC 2012–2013 retired
Cindy Pers technician   2009–2012  
Benjamin Pierrat postdoc FED 2008–2011  
Jean-Daniel Pinard PhD student BioME 2012–2014  
Brian Preston postdoctoral research fellow Eco/Evo 2010–2011  
Aurélie Quinard PhD student Eco/Evo 2010–2013  
Amélie Quiquerez lecturer SEDS xxxx–2009 lecturer Artehis lab, uB
Édouard Ravier PhD student SEDS 2013–2015  
Élodie Renvoisé postdoctoral research fellow FED 2005–2009 Helsinki
Laurent Riquier lecturer SEDS 2008–2011 lecturer Paris 6, FR
Jean-Paul Rullmann PhD student Eco/Evo 2010–2013  
Soumia Sarih postdoctoral research fellow SEDS 2004–2009  
Paula Silva PhD student BioME 2009–2013  
Jacques Thierry professor FED 19xx–2012 retired
Christelle Tougard researcher FED 2001–2008 Montpellier, FR
Julie Tripied engineer Eco/Evo 2014–2015 engineer, Inra Dijon, FR
Jean-Philippe Troussard engineer Eco/Evo 2009–2013  
Adriana Vallarino post doc. ECO/EVO 2008–2009  
Caroline Zanchi PhD student ECO/EVO 2009–2012 Berlin
last update february 2017