current PhDs

Alexandre Bauer

Parasitic manipulation in a multi-host context

Beginned in november 2017


Margot Bernardi

Primates hearing: between form, function, ecology and behavior

Beginned in october 2015


Justine Briard

Beginned in october 2017


Élise Chenot

Paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic changes during the Campanian - mineralogical and geochemical approach

Beginned in october 2014


Salomé Fabri-Ruiz

Ecoregionalization of the Southern Ocean. Modelling Echinoids distribution with a focus on Kerguelen Islands

Beginned in october 2015


Marion Fayard

Anxiety and parasitism in an aquatic invertebrate: evolutive and mechanistic approaches

Beginned in october 2017


Corentin Iltis

Insect senescence: interactions between survival, reproduction and immunity

Beginned in october 2016


Charly Jehan

Beginned in october 2016


Marc Kpanou

Extreme rainfall in the southern coastal belt of West Africa

Beginned in september 2016


Silène Lartigue

Phenotyping personnality traits in the wasp Trichogramma: application to biological control

Beginned in september 2017


Chloé Laubu

Influence of social context and personality on the decision rules in mate choice

Beginned in october 2015


Pierre Philippe Mbehang Nguema

Beginned in september 2016


Morgane Oudot

Biomineralization in cephalopods (Mollusca): molecular process and evolution

Beginned in october 2017


Antoine Perrin

Habitats anthropization and hosts-parasites interactions

Beginned in october 2017


Paul Perron

Reservoirs architecture control by tectonic and lithosphere heterogeneities in intracratonic Paleozoic basins

Beginned in november 2015


Adrien Quiles

Evolutionary history of microsporidia and amphipods symbioses: feminization and co-phylogeny

Beginned in october 2016


Adeline Roche

Intrinsec and extrinsec controlling factors of microbialites

Beginned in october 2016


Jorune Sakalauskaite

Proteomic approaches for archaeology and cultural heritage: characterising fossil proteins preserved in biominerals (mollusc shells)

Beginned in november 2017


Jérôme Thomas

Collections et recherche en paléontologie : enjeux, état des lieux et devenir

Beginned in october 2010


Sébastien Zito

Climate change impacts on phytosanitary risk evolution in north-eastern France vineyards: observations and modeling

Beginned in november 2016

defended PhDs


Gwenael Caravaca

Depositional environments and bioconstructions in the Early Triassic of western USA

Defended the 10 july 2017


Julien Dhinaut

Specificity and quantitative genetics of the trans-generational immune priming in the mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor

Defended the 6 december 2017


Romain Jattiot

The Smithian (Early Triassic) ammonoid diversification-extinction cycle

Defended the 4 december 2017


Basile Pauthier

Defended the 24 march 2017


Florian Raymond

Winter time long dry spells in the Mediterranean Basin and associated atmospheric dynamics: actual and future variability (1957-2100)

Defended the 4 december 2017



Damien Boulard

Vulnérabilité des forêts du centre-est de la France face au changement climatique

Defended the 19 july 2016


Anthony Bouton

Rôle(s) des microbialites dans le registre sédimentaire continental : comparaison d’exemples actuels et anciens

Defended the 13 may 2016


Étienne Brulebois

Impacts of climate change on water availability in Burgundy : quantitative and qualitative aspects

Defended the 21 december 2016


Sophie Labaude

Effect of the environment on the interaction between gammarids (Crustacea: Amphipoda) and their manipulative acanthocephalan parasites

Defended the 20 december 2016


Cédric Lippens

Costs and benefits of the inflammatory response in host-parasite relationship

Defended the 20 december 2016


Karen Muller

Rôle du mâle sur les performances reproductives des femelles phytophages - Importance de la plante hôte

Defended the 13 may 2016


Alexis Ndongo

Sedimentological and tectonic setting of paleoproterozic Franceville basin (Gabon) : fluid pressure structures, bitumen and uranium deposits

Defended the 14 january 2016


Jessica Saïag

Characterization of sedimentary and petrophysical heterogeneities of a microporous reservoir: the case of the chalk (Upper Cretaceous, Paris Basin)

Defended the 14 december 2016


Axelle Zacaï

Macroecological properties of ammonites: spatial distribution, phylogeny and faunal similarity

Defended the 13 december 2016



Juliette Bailly

Urbanization of natural populations: immunoecological and ecotoxicological consequences in birds

Defended the 23 june 2015


Paul-Yannick Bitome Essono

Defended the 10 december 2015


Lucile Sautot

Modeling relationships between bird species and the environment along the Loire River, and designing of a bio-indication index, with business intelligence tools

Defended the 9 october 2015




Luca Brillante

Defended the 25 november 2014


Julien Guigue

Influence of biotic and abiotic factors on soil organic matter dynamics assessed by the biogeochemical characterisation of soluble organic matter

Defended the 8 december 2014


Quentin Jossart

Molecular ecology of a host-parasite relationship in an insular context:ectoparasitic crabs of spantagoid sea-urchins in the Caribbean Sea

Defended the 30 september 2014


Gaëlle Labonne

Defended the 13 may 2014


Clémence Macron

Clémence Macron PhD thesis

Defended the 1st july 2014


Mathieu Moiroud

Evolution of the oceanic deep circulation during the Cretaceous – Insight from the neodymium isotopes 

Defended the 5 july 2014


Édouard Ravier

Soft-sediment deformation structures induced by fluid overpressure in subglacial and deep-marine environments: palaeoenvironmental and reservoir implications

Defended the 11 december 2014



Joseph Boyard-Micheau

Potential predictability of crop impacting climate variables for East Africa and application to sorghum in the Mt Kenya area

Defended the 22 november 2013


Cédric Cuccia

Climate change impact on Pinot noir phénology over Burgundy

Defended the 14 may 2013


Adrien Deroubaix

Impact of desert dust and climate on the meningitis epidemics in the Sahel

Defended the 17 september 2013


Sébastien Ficheux

Dynamics and genetics of the European pond turtles (Emys orbicularis) populations

Defended the 20 december 2013


Françoise Immel

Apports de la biochimie et de la protéomique dans l’étude de modifications du métabolisme cellulaire à travers deux exemples : l’amyloïdogénèse de différentes protéines de champignons ascomycètes et la caractérisation du protéome d’une plante invasive résistante à un stress environnemental

Defended the 4 december 2013 at the Lorraine university, Metz


Christophe Kolodka

Evaporitic deformation control on sedimentary architecture: field-based and stratigraphic modelling approaches (examples from Northern and Southeastern Spain)

Defended the 5 december 2013


Mathieu Martinez

Astronomical calibration of the Valanginian and Hauterivian stages: palaeoclimatic and palaeoceanographic implications

Defended the 3 june 2013


Paul-Arthur Monerie

The climate change effect on the african monsoon region: evolution of the precipitations and atmospheric fields in the CMIP3 and CMIP5 simulations under the A1B and rcp4.5 scenario. (1960-1999, 2031-2070)

Defended the 18 june 2013


Aurélie Quinard

Individual genetic diversity, morphological and behavioral differentiation between sexes, mating patterns and demographic parameters in a tropical and monogamous bird species, the Zenaida dove, Zenaida aurita

Defended the 12 december 2013


Paula Ramos-Silva

The biocalcification of mollusk shells and coral skeletons

Defended the 19 december 2013 at the Amsterdam university


Aurélien Royer

Étude paléoenvironnementale et paléoclimatique du Pléistocène supérieur du Sud-Ouest de la France, à partir d’analyses comparées d’associations fauniques et de biogéochimies effectuées sur les micromammifères

Defended the 11 april 2013


Fanny Vogelweith

Host plant effect on immunity of pests: influence of grapevine on ability of European grapevine moth to defend against bio-aggressors

Defended the 13 december 2013



Émilie Arnoux

Phenotypic and genetic variability in forest thrush, Turdus lherminieri, at different scales

Defended the 6 december 2012


David Beaune

The ecological role of the Bonobo. Seed dispersal service in Congo forests

Defended the 28 november 2012


Coraline Bichet

Avian malaria evolutionary ecology: hosts immunity and évolution of virulence

Defended the 18 december 2012


Sylvain Clerc

Sylvain Clerc PhD thesis

Defended the 26 october 2012


Lucile Dianne

Characterization of the role of the acanthocephalan parasite Pomphorhynchus laevis non-infective larval stage in the behavioural manipulation of its amphipod intermediate host

Defended the 6 december 2012


Matthias Galipaud

Mating strategies and resulting patterns in mate guarding crustaceans: an empirical and theoretical approach

Defended the 13 december 2012


Romain Guerreiro

Oxidative stress, senescence and adaptive trade-offs through age in birds

Defended the 14 december 2012


Clotilde Hardy

Phylogenetic distribution of extinctions in the fossil record: contributions in the understanding of the dynamics of the biodiversity

Defended the 12 december 2012


Caroline Zanchi

Evolutionary ecology of transgenerational immune priming in an insect

Defended the 17 december 2012



Aurélie Bonin

Relations between climatic changes, carbon cycle perturbations and carbonate production crises : the Early Cretaceous study

Defended the 14 june 2011


Morgan David

Pairing strategies, social foraging and personality in zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata)

Defended the 2 november 2011


Matthieu Deville de Periere

Sedimentologic and diagenetic origin of microporous carbonated reservoirs: example of the Cenomanian Mishrif formation of the Middle East

Defended the 30 june 2011


Cyril Firmat

Hybridation et goulots d’étranglements induits par l’activité humaine : génétique des populations, morphométrie et parasitologie appliquées au tilapia envahi et envahissant Oreochromis mossambicus (Teleostei, Cichlidae)

Defended the 4 november 2011


Nathalie Le Roy

Carbonic anhydrase in calcium carbonate biomineralizations: activity, expression and evolution

Defended the 28 june 2011


Benjamin Pierrat

Macroécologie des échinides de l'océan Austral - distribution, biogéographie et modélisation

Defended the 19 december 2011



Élise Cellier-Holzem

Écologie évolutive de la malaria aviaire, approches expérimentales des relations entre Plasmodium relictum et le canari domestique

Defended the 16 december 2010


Colin de Bruyn

Modalités fonctionnelles et évolutives des parasitoses développées par les crabes Pinnotheridae aux dépens des échinides fouisseurs. Étude du modèle Dissodactylus primitivusMeoma ventricosa

Defended the 10 december 2010




Jean-Sébastien Bolduc

Épistémologie historique de l’étude du comportement animal

Defended the 17 september 2009


Benjamin Brigaud

Influence du contexte sédimentaire et de la diagenèse sur les propriétés pétrophysiques du Dogger calcaire de l’est du bassin de Paris

Defended the 7 december 2009


Raphaël Bourillot

Évolution des plateformes carbonatées pendant la crise de salinité messinienne : de la déformation des évaporites aux communautés microbialithiques (sud-est de l’Espagne)

Defended the 8 december 2009


Stéphane Cornet

Écologie et évolution des défenses immunitaires au sein des interactions amphipodes - acanthocéphales immunodépresseurs

Defended the 9 december 2009


Guillaume Dera

Le rôle des changements paléoclimatiques sur l'évolution de la biodiversité au Pliensbachien et au Toarcien

Defended the 3 december 2009


Nathalie Franceschi

Variation de la manipulation comportementale parasitaire par Pomphorhynchus laevis chez Gammarus pulex

Defended the 22 september 2009


Karine Monceau

Population biology of Zenaida doves from Barbados. Contribution of molecular tool

Defended the 21 december 2009


Élodie Renvoisé
Histoire des Arvicolinae (Mammalia, Rodentia) au cours des changements climatiques du Quaternaire : évolution phénotypique, génétique et développementale

Defended the 14 may 2009




Anne Combaud

Terroirs viticoles de Côte d'Or. Caractérisation physique et historique par un système d'information géographique

Defended the 29 february 2008


Corinne Fesneau

Record of the Valanginian climatic changes in the Tethysian domain

Defended the 7 november 2008


Benjamin Marie

Evolution of the biomineralizations in molluscs nacreous layers: molecular characterization of calcifying matrix in the cephalopod Nautilus macromphalus and the bivalve Unio pictorum

Defended the 14 may 2008


Soumia Sarih

Géométries stratigraphiques et transferts sédimentaires dans le contexte syntectonique Liasique, bassins Haut Atlasique Maroc

Defended the 7 november 2008



Vincent Ollive

Dynamique d'occupation anthropique et dynamique alluviale du Rhin au cours de l'Holocène, géoarchéologie du site gallo-romain d'Oedenburg (Haut-Rhin, France)

Defended the 17 december 2007


Élise Nardin

The blastozoans radiation during the Early Palaeozoic: phylogenetic, palaeoecologic and palaeobiogeographic aspects

Defended the 14 december 2007


Michaël Denis

Interactions between glaciation / deglaciation, deformation and stratigraphic record. Application to Late Ordovician-Silurian series in the Djado Basin (Niger) and north african basins

Soutenue le 11 december 2007


Sylvain Gerber

Morphological disparity at ontogenetic and evolutionary scales: examples from cephalopods

Defended the 11 december 2007


Jérôme Brenot

Quantification de la dynamique sédimentaire en contexte anthropisé : l'érosion des versants viticoles de Côte-d'Or

Defended the 25 may 2007


Vincent Hétérier

Biodiversité et signification écologique des ectosymbiontes des Cidaridae antarctiques (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)

Defended the 25 may 2007


Nicolas Kaldonski

La manipulation de l'hôte par les parasites acanthocéphales, aspects éco-éthologiques

Defended the 25 may 2007


Cyril Eraud

Écologie des défenses immunitaires : coût et limitation chez l'oiseau

Sous la direction de Bruno Faivre

Defended the 22 february 2007



Aurélien Pierre

Un analogue de terrain pour les rampes oolitiques anciennes. Un affleurement continu à l'échelle de la sismique (falaises jurassiques d'Amellago - Haut Atlas, Maroc)

Defended the 20 march 2006


Tatiana Tavarès

Ammonites et echinides de l'Albien du bassin de Benguela (Angola). Systématique, biostratigraphie, paléoenvironnement et paléogéographie

Defended the 27 january 2006


André Buta Néto

Analyse des interactions tectoniques salifères sédimentaires gréso-carbonate albiennes du bassin de Benguela (marge sud angolaise)

Defended the 27 january 2006