Salomé Fabri-Ruiz PhD thesis

Thumbnail imageEcoregionalization of the Southern Ocean. Modelling Echinoids distribution with a focus on Kerguelen Islands

Funding: French ministry of research

Supervisors: Thomas Saucède (université de Bourgogne) and Bruno Danis (université libre de Bruxelles)

Beginned in october 2015



Biogeographic studies of the oceans are currently conducted according to two approaches: (1) comparative analysis of the composition and distribution of marine communities, and (2) ecoregionalisation, which define ecoregions for conservation purposes that is, biogeographic entities that differ in their biotic and abiotic characteristics. In the case of the Southern Ocean, recognized ecoregions are primarily based on oceanographic parameter analysis, with analysis of marine communities being qualitatively addressed.

Objectives of the PhD:
(1) Improve existing species distribution models to better constrain their biological realism.
(2) By combining distribution models, propose an ecoregionalisation of the Southern Ocean for echinoids faunas.
(3) Based on the available climate change scenarios, build risk maps for echoinoids assemblages. This last part will particularly focus on Kerguelen Islands, which host a large biodiversity considered particularly vulnerable to the expected changes.