Corentin Iltis PhD thesis

Corentin Iltis

Insect senescence: interactions between survival, reproduction and immunity

Started in october 2016

Funding: ANR

Supervisors:  Jérôme Moreau, Philippe Louâpre and Denis Thiéry



In  most  animals,  ageing  is  associated  with  a  decline  of  several  physiological functions  including  immunity  and  reproduction.  Because  immunity  and  reproduction  are  costly traits, their relative value is likely to change across an organism’s lifespan. In particular, levels of investment into  immune  defence  an  individual  should  achieve  to  itself  or  its progeny  as  function  its  age  and  its reproductive   effort   are   still   unknown.   This  project   aims   to   study   the   relationships   between reproduction,   immunity and   senescence   in   the   insect   model Tenebrio   molitor (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae),  for  which  it  is  relatively  easy  to  manipulate  and  quantify  the investment  into reproductive effort and immunity across its lifespan. We are particularly interested in examining effects of  age-dependent  investments  into  reproduction  and immunity  on  patterns  of  senescence  (immunity, reproduction and survival). In addition, we would like to study the consequences of trans-generational immune priming (TGIP) on patterns of senescence in the offspring (in terms of immunity, reproduction and survival).



evolution, TTGI, aging, Tenebrio molitor