Marc Knapou PhD thesis

Thumbnail imageMarc Knapou

Extreme rainfall in the southern coastal belt of West Africa

Started in september 2016

Funding: Excellence Eiffel scholarship

Supervisors: Pierre Camberlin and Expédit Vissin



The emission of greenhouse gaze will continue despite the agreement of climate initialised at Paris in december 2015 and earth’s temperature will increase during this century. According to the IPCC, in a context of climate warming, water cycle could be intensified causing drought and heavy rainfall episodes. For exemple, the heavy rainfall whom caused flooding and mud casting in Colombia (1st april 2017) has been induced by el-Nino phenomeno.

In West Africa, origins of heavy rainfall are unknown. More, the Atlantic ocean role in occurrence of heavy rainfall remains little studied.

The most biggest towns of West Africa are localised all along the southern coastal area, inducing a high human concentration in this region of west Africa. So, people of this coastal region are exposed to damages caused by heavy rainfall.

This study will allow to well understand the spatial and time scale distribution and origins of occurrence of heavy rainfall. From these replies, warning system will be help Benin, Togo, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire autorities to take good decisions for a better adaptation to heavy rainfall.



heavy rainfall, southern coast, West Africa

Comity members

Pierre Camberlin, Expédit Vissin, Pascal Roucou, Hervé Giordani, Théo Vischel et Etienne Houngninou