séminaire du PEV – vendredi 17 novembre 2017

fire ant by eric kellerInvasions de fourmis et changement climatique

Franck Courchamp, Biodiversity Dynamics, Lab of Ecologie, Systematique & Evolution - UMR CNRS 8079, université Paris-Sud, Orsay

vendredi 17 novembre 2017 à 11 heures, amphi Monge



Invasive species are considered the second largest threat to biodiversity, and climate change is generally thought to be an aggravating factor. Here, we will present a series of studies (using models, experiments and statistics) based on invasive ants and tested (i) which are the worst invaders and where will they invade (ii) whether climate change was likely to exacerbate invasions, (iii) what will happen when several invasive ants will invade the same regions and (iv) who could be the invaders of the next generation.