Publication d'un ouvrage : "Events of Increased Biodiversity"

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Key Features

• Details examples of evolutionary radiations

• Explicitly addresses the effect of adaptation driven by ecological opportunity

• Examines the link between ecology and paleontology’s study of adaptive radiation



The fossil record offers a surprising image: that of evolutionary radiations characterized by intense increases in cash or by the sudden diversification of a single species group, while others stagnate or die out.

In a modern world, science carries an often pessimistic message, surrounded by studies of global warming and its effects, extinction crisis, emerging diseases and invasive species. This book fuels frequent "optimism" of the sudden increase in biodiversity by exploring this natural phenomenon.

Events of Increased Biodiversity: Evolutionary Radiations in the Fossil Record explores this natural phenomenon of adaptive radiation including its effect on the increase in biodiversity events, their contribution to the changes and limitations in the fossil record, and examines the links between ecology and paleontology’s study of radiation.



Researchers, students and academics in the areas of paleontology, ecology and evolutionary biology


Events of increased Biodiversity. Evolutionary Radiations in the Fossil Record

Auteur : Pascal  Neige

152 pages, 229 × 152 mm

Éditions ISTE Press & Elsevier Londres

Date de parution : 6 mai 2015

ISBN : 9781785480294