séminaire – mardi 9 septembre 2014

Thumbnail imageBiominerals responding to environmental changes – the clock is ticking

Maggie Cusack, School of Geographical & Earth Sciences, université de Glasgow

mardi 9 septembre 2014 à 11 heures, amphithéâtre Guyton de Morveau.



In the natural world of biominerals elegant, functional structures are produced from the most basic of resources. Although the ingredients are simple, the control of how these fundamental building blocks are put together is very much under the control of biological processes. While formed under biological control, biominerals are influenced by environmental conditions. It is therefore important to understand both biological control and environmental influence in order to understand biomineral formation and to ensure accurate interpretation of environmental information stored within biominerals.

This lecture considers the response of carbonate biominerals to ocean acidification, presents approaches to exploring the recording of environmental information such as seawater temperature in marine biominerals and considers these factors in the context of the biological control exerted on mineral formation.