séminaire du PEV – vendredi 29 janvier 2016

Thumbnail imageSex and population differences in senescence patterns: insights from natural populations of mammals

Jean-François Lemaître, UMR CNRS 5558 - LBBE "biométrie et biologie évolutive", UCB Lyon 1

Vendredi 29 janvier à 11 heures, amphi Monge




Longevity can show striking differences between males and females from natural populations of vertebrates. For instance in mammals, males often outlive females while the opposite pattern is generally observed in birds. When looking at the senescence patterns, differences are also evidenced with mammalian males showing a steeper rate of senescence than females. After a short introduction on the diversity of senescence patterns observed in the wild, I will review and challenge several hypotheses (eg. heterogametic sex hypothesis, mother’s curse hypothesis, sexual selection hypothesis) that have been proposed to explain the evolution of sex differences in senescence patterns. Finally, I will focus my talk on the populations’ differences in senescence patterns. By comparing demographic data obtained from captive and wild populations of mammals, I will discuss how environmental conditions can modulate senescence patterns.