The 8th French Symposium “Morphometrics and Evolution of Shape”

will be held the 2nd and 3rd June 2014 at the université de Bourgogne in Dijon

SMEF 8 :: Dijon - 2014

This meeting aims to promote exchanges between users of morphometrics in various fields of evolution including evolutionary biology, development, bio-archaeology, palaeontology, and ecology.

This 8th national symposium « morphométrie et évolution des formes » will be held in Dijon (Amphi. Pasteur, université de Bourgogne) on June 2nd and 3rd 2014. Beyond methodological aspects, it concerns all scientists interested in the quantification and the study of shape of biological objects. The meeting is open to everybody, in the limit of available space.
Presentations will correspond to short oral presentations or posters. Because the SMEF is a French meeting, most of the communications are given in French but the use of English is also welcome.

There is no registration fee to the symposium but registration is necessary for organizational reasons. Lunches of June 2nd and 3rd will be supported by the organizing labs, the University of Burgundy and the CNRS. Transportation, accommodation and dinners will be in charge of the participants.

Deadline for registration :: April 15th Second circular [English] [French]

Deadline for abstract :: April 15th [Please use the abstract::template.doc for abstract submission]

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UMR 6282 Biogéosciences, Dijon – Paul ALIBERT and Rémi LAFFONT UMR 5554 Institut des sciences de l’évolution de Montpellier – Julien CLAUDE UMR 5558 Laboratoire de biométrie et biologie évolutive, Lyon – Sabrina RENAUD UMR 7205 Institut de systématique, évolution, biodiversité (ISyEB), Paris – Vincent DEBAT UMR 7209 Archéozoologie et Archéobotanique – Thomas CUCCHI

Scientific commitee

Paul Alibert, Sébastien Couette, Rémi Laffont, Sophie Montuire and Nicolas Navarro (université de Bourgogne – CNRS) Thomas Cucchi and Vincent Debat (Museum national d’histoire naturelle, Paris – CNRS) Sabrina Renaud (université Lyon 1 – CNRS) Julien Claude and Jean-Frédéric Terral (université Montpellier 2 – CNRS)

Local contacts

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