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Amiotte-Suchet Philippe

Research group: seds
Office: 305, 3rd floor, south wing
Telephone: 39 71
E-mail: philippe.amiotte-suchet@u-bourgogne.fr

Assistant Professor in Earth and Environmental Sciences

6 bd Gabriel, 21000 DIJON, France
phone: 00 33 3 80 39 39 71
fax: 00 33 3 80 39 63 87
e-mail: philippe.amiotte-suchet@u-bourgogne.fr


  • Habilitation (HDR), University of Burgundy, France, 2009 – Production et transfert de carbone dans les hydrosystèmes : approches spatio-temporelles multi-échelles.
  • PhD, Louis Pasteur University (ULP) of Strasbourg, France, 1994 – Carbon cycle, chemical erosion of continents and inputs to oceans.
  • Post-Graduate qualification in Earth Surface Geochemistry, ULP Strasbourg, France, 1989

Main Research Focus

  • River inputs of carbon to oceans, global biogeochemical cycles and weathering processes – present day and geologic times.

  • Origin and production of carbon in the soil-water system of the temperate forest using the isotope composition of dissolved inorganic and organic carbon.

  • Dynamic of dissolved solids fluxes (especially nutriments) mainly in streams of temperate ecosystems, factors and processes, relationships with the soil dynamic and the land cover.

  • Climate and climate change impact on surface water quantity and quality.

Recent research projects

  • French National Project GICC (Gestion de l’Impact du Changement Climatique): HYCCARE – HYdrology, Climate Change, Adaptation and Water Ressources in Burgundy). Coordinator: Alterre Bourgogne
  • French National Project « Relief de la Terre », INSU-CNRS « production et devenir de la matière organique libérée par altérations mécanique et chimique des formations marneuses : approches locales et globales » Coordinator: C. Di Giovani, ISTO, UMRS CNRS 6113, Orléans

  • Regional Project (Regional Council of Burgundy) « Matières organiques dissoutes dans les eaux naturelles du Morvan granitique: dynamique des transferts et relations avec les occupations du sol » coordinator : P. Amiotte Suchet

  • Partnership with the “Agence de l’Eau Seine-Normandie” Matières organiques dissoutes dans les eaux d’écoulement du Morvan granitique : dynamique de production et des transferts, relation avec les occupations du sol et la qualité des milieux aquatiques Coordinator Ph. Amiotte Suchet.

  • FAST Project – « Production et devenir des matières organiques dissoutes dans les écosystèmes faiblement anthropisés » collaboration Paul Nelson (James Cook University, Australia), Catherine Henault (INRA Dijon)


Deputy head of the Earth and Environmental Science Department, University of Burgundy from December 2001 to march 2004 – interim head from march 2003 to march 2004.

Teaching activities

  • Hydrology and hydrogeology

  • Weathering and erosion processes, Transfers of dissolved mineral and organic matter by river

  • Global biogeochemical cycles, carbon geochemical cycle, modelling of biogeochemical cycles with component models (Vensim(c))

  • Stable isotopes of dissolved organic and inorganic carbon

  • Geographical Information System – GIS (Idrisi, ArcGis)

Main publications

Chenot, E., Pellenard, P., Martinez, M., Deconinck, J.-F., Amiotte-Suchet, P., Thibault, N., Bruneau, L., Cocquerez, T., Laffont, R., Pucéat, E., et al. (2016). Clay mineralogical and geochemical expressions of the “Late Campanian Event” in the Aquitaine and Paris basins (France): Palaeoenvironmental implications. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 447, 42–52.
De Pina Tavares, J. et al. (2015), Assessment and mapping the sensitive areas to desertification in an insular Sahelian mountain region Case study of the Ribeira Seca Watershed, Santiago Island, Cabo Verde, CATENA, 128, 214–223, doi:10.1016/j.catena.2014.10.005.
Brulebois, E., T. Castel, Y. Richard, C. Chateau-Smith, and P. Amiotte-Suchet (2015), Hydrological response to an abrupt shift in surface air temperature over France in 1987/88, Journal of Hydrology, 531, Part 3, 892–901, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2015.10.026.
Guigue, J., Mathieu, O., Lévêque, J., Mounier, S., Laffont, R., Maron, P.A., Navarro, N., Chateau, C., Amiotte Suchet, P., and Lucas, Y. (2014). A comparison of extraction procedures for water-extractable organic matter in soils. Eur J Soil Sci 65, 520–530.
Ghirardi, J., Deconinck, J.-F., Pellenard, P., Martinez, M., Bruneau, L., Amiotte Suchet, P., and Pucéat, E. (2014). Multi-proxy orbital chronology in the aftermath of the Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a: Palaeoceanographic implications (Serre Chaitieu section, Vocontian Basin, SE France). Newsletters on Stratigraphy 47, 247–262.
Camizuli, E., Monna, F., Scheifler, R., Amiotte Suchet, P., Losno, R., Beis, P., Bohard, B., Chateau, C., and Alibert, P. (2014). Impact of trace metals from past mining on the aquatic ecosystem: A multi-proxy approach in the Morvan (France). Environmental Research 134, 410–419.
Gauthier, A., Amiotte-Suchet, P., Nelson, P.N., Leveque, J., Zeller, B., and Henault, C. (2010). Dynamics of the water extractable organic carbon pool during mineralisation in soils from a Douglas fir plantation and an oak-beech forest-an incubation experiment. Plant Soil 330, 465–479.
Tavares, J.P., and Amiotte Suchet, P. (2007). Rainfall erosion risk mapping in volcanic soils of Santiago Island, Cape Verde Archipelago. Africa Geosciences Review 14, 399–414.
Copard, Y., Amiotte Suchet, P., and Di-Giovanni, C. (2007). Storage and release of fossil organic carbon related to weathering of sedimentary rocks. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 258, 345–357.
Amiotte-suchet, P., Linglois, N., Leveque, J., and Andreux, F. (2007). 13C composition of dissolved organic carbon in upland forested catchments of the Morvan Mountains (France): Influence of coniferous and deciduous vegetation. Journal of Hydrology 335, 354–363.
Amiotte Suchet, P., Probst, J.L., and Ludwig, W. (2003). Worldwide distribution of continental rock lithology: Implications for the atmospheric/soil CO2 uptake by continental weathering and alkalinity river transport to the oceans. Global Biogeochem. Cycles 17, 1038, doi : 10.1029/2002GB001891.
Aumont, O., Orr, J.C., Monfray, P., Ludwig, W., Amiotte Suchet, P., and Probst, J.-L. (2001). Riverine-driven interhemispheric transport of carbon. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 15, 393–405.
Semhi, K., Amiotte Suchet, P., Clauer, N., and Probst, J.L. (2000). Impact of the nitrogen fertilizers on the natural weathering erosion processes and fluvial transport in the Garonne basin. Applied Geochemistry 15, 865–878.
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Ludwig, W., Amiotte Suchet, P., Munhoven, G., and Probst, J.L. (1998). Atmospheric CO2 consumption by continental erosion: present-day control and implications for the Last Glacial Maximum. Global and Planetary Change 1617, 107–120.
Ludwig, W., Amiotte Suchet, P., and Probst, J.L. (1996). River discharges of carbon to the world’s oceans: determining local inputs of alkalinity and of dissolved and particulate organic carbon. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris. T. 323, Série IIa 10071014.
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Probst, J.L., and Amiotte Suchet, P. (1992). Fluvial suspended sediment transport and mechanical erosion in the Maghreb (North Africa). Hydrol. Sci. Journal 37, 621–637.

Other useful publications

AMIOTTE SUCHET P. (2009) – Production et transfert de carbone dans les hydrosystèmes : approches spatio-temporelles multi-échelles. Mémoire d’Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR), Université de Bourgogne, 153 p.
ANDREUX, F. LINGLOIS, N., ROUX, F., AMIOTTE SUCHET, P., LEVEQUE, J., (2002). Impact of changing forest management on soil organic matter in low mountain acid media. In: A. Violante, P.M. Huang, J.-M. Bollag and L. Gianfreda (Editors), Soil Mineral-Organic Matter-Microorganism Interactions and Ecosystem Health. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 383-407.
AMIOTTE SUCHET P. et PROBST J.L. (1995) – Erosion chimique du bassin versant du Congo: variabilité spatio-temporelle des flux de CO2 consommé par altération de la croute continentale. In “Grands Bassins Fluviaux Periatlantiques: Congo, Niger, Amazone” J.C. Olivry et J. Boulègue eds., ORSTOM, “Colloques et Séminaires”, Paris, p. 51-68.
AMIOTTE SUCHET P. (1995) – Cycle du carbone, érosion chimique des continents et transferts vers les océans, Sciences Géologiques, Mémoires, 97, 156 pp.
PROBST J.L., AMIOTTE SUCHET P. and LUDWIG W. (1994) – Continental erosion and river transports of carbon to oceans. In: “Trends in Hydrology, 1”, S.G. PANDALAI Ed., Research Trends, Council of Scientifique Information, TRIVANDRUM, p. 453-468.
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