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Beaune David

Research group: écologie évolutive

Research associate at the university of Burgundy, France (Lab Biogeosciences, Ecology and Evolution). Consultant in Ecology and Conservation (NGO, governmental agencies).

Research about various ecosystems and organisms such as plants, birds, seabirds, primates, elephants, rodents, amphibians, reptiles, corals, fishes, beetles, ants, etc. from tropical to polar habitats

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Webpage : https://davidbeaune.jimdofree.com/english/ecoconsultancy-eco-consulting/




PhD in Ecology (Max Planck Institute, University of Burgundy)


Key skills

Science project management & research design (from protocol plan- to valorization)

Team leader and manager

Teaching, training people, supervision of >35 local/international staff and students (MSc, B.Sc, European Solidarity Corps, national service volunteers)

Adaptation to the situations, subjects, extreme environments, work in small/isolated/multicultural communities

Experiences with penguins, seabirds, passerine, primates, trees, fishes, coral, reptiles, amphibian, insects, etc. in Congo, sub-Antarctic Islands, polar areas, Honduras, Seychelles, Maldives, Borneo, Polynesia, etc. From tree canopies, under-water, subterranean, mountains, wetlands.Certifications: professional scientific diver, diving instructor, Full Cave Diver, climber, boat pilot license, etc.

Contact me for more details: david.beaune@u-bourgogne.fr; david.beaune@gmail.com



More than 40 publications in ecology, conservation biology journals and technical reports for ecology and management

Journal for Nature Conservation, Journal of Tropical Ecology, Polar Biology, Nature, Biodiversity and Conservation, Oryx, Forest Ecology and Managment, etc.

(h-index= 10)

Most publications are available here in open access: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/David_Beaune

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