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Marin Frédéric

Research group: samba
Office: 302, 3rd floor, central wing
Telephone: 63 72
E-mail: frederic.marin@u-bourgogne.fr


Formation & expertise


I was trained as a geologist at the University Paris VI, between Sept 1984 and June 1988. I obtained my Master degree (DEA) in June 1989 on bone collagen, then my PhD thesis in 1992 at the Paris XI university (Orsay). My PhD project focused on calcium carbonate biominerals produced by sponges, cnidarians and molluscs. After my military service (1992-1993), I made a first post-doc (1993-1994, ATER) at the Orsay University. Then, I worked at the Royal University of Leiden for 6 and half years, in the Geobiochemistry Group of Pr. Peter Westbroek, under different contracts including Marie Curie fellowship, NWO and diverse research foundations. My research combined biochemistry, molecular biology and biomineralization.


In 1998, I was awarded the Vening-Meinesz Price for my research on the origin of metazoan biocalcification (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vening_Meineszprijs). I spent two years (2001-2002) in a private Biotech company, IsoTis, located in Bilthoven, The Netherlands, before being recruited by CNRS in 2003, in Biogeosciences Dijon. I have set up a laboratory devoted to the study of calcium carbonate biominerals, owing to different research contracts (ACI, ANR). I have supervised the work of 7 PhD students, of two foreign post-docs, and of several trainees, including doctoral students and confirmed researchers. I obtained my habilitation in June 2009 and became research director at CNRS in oct. 2012.


I have participated to different research consortiums, including ADEQUA on pearl oysters (2008-2012), the Marie Curie ITN BiominTec (2008-2012), the ANR Accro-Earth (2007-2011). I have co-chaired (2009-2011) then chaired (2012-2014) the European COST program Biomineralix (TD0903, https://www.cost.eu/actions/TD0903/) that comprised 17 countries and 29 research groups. I edited in 2015 a multi-authors book: Biomineralization – from Fundamentals to Biomaterials and Environmental Issues. Since then, I have co-edited 4 other multi-authors books on biomineralization.



List of publications




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