current PhDs

Alexandre Bauer

Parasitic manipulation in a multi-host context

Beginned in november 2017


Margot Bernardi

Primates hearing: between form, function, ecology and behavior

Beginned in october 2015


Justine Briard

Beginned in october 2017


Élise Chenot

Paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic changes during the Campanian - mineralogical and geochemical approach

Beginned in october 2014


Salomé Fabri-Ruiz

Ecoregionalization of the Southern Ocean. Modelling Echinoids distribution with a focus on Kerguelen Islands

Beginned in october 2015


Marion Fayard

Anxiety and parasitism in an aquatic invertebrate: evolutive and mechanistic approaches

Beginned in october 2017


Corentin Iltis

Insect senescence: interactions between survival, reproduction and immunity

Beginned in october 2016


Charly Jehan

Beginned in october 2016


Marc Kpanou

Extreme rainfall in the southern coastal belt of West Africa

Beginned in september 2016


Silène Lartigue

Phenotyping personnality traits in the wasp Trichogramma: application to biological control

Beginned in september 2017


Chloé Laubu

Influence of social context and personality on the decision rules in mate choice

Beginned in october 2015


Pierre Philippe Mbehang Nguema

Beginned in september 2016


Morgane Oudot

Biomineralization in cephalopods (Mollusca): molecular process and evolution

Beginned in october 2017


Antoine Perrin

Habitats anthropization and hosts-parasites interactions

Beginned in october 2017


Paul Perron

Reservoirs architecture control by tectonic and lithosphere heterogeneities in intracratonic Paleozoic basins

Beginned in november 2015


Adrien Quiles

Evolutionary history of microsporidia and amphipods symbioses: feminization and co-phylogeny

Beginned in october 2016


Adeline Roche

Intrinsec and extrinsec controlling factors of microbialites

Beginned in october 2016


Jorune Sakalauskaite

Proteomic approaches for archaeology and cultural heritage: characterising fossil proteins preserved in biominerals (mollusc shells)

Beginned in november 2017


Jérôme Thomas

Collections et recherche en paléontologie : enjeux, état des lieux et devenir

Beginned in october 2010


Sébastien Zito

Climate change impacts on phytosanitary risk evolution in north-eastern France vineyards: observations and modeling

Beginned in november 2016